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Labor Dispute Assistance

Echelon Staffing Solutions is the premier company for helping you deal with a potential labor dispute. When faced with a possible labor disruption, it is easy to become frustrated and confused, and not completely sure where legalities may lie as you try to manage a situation where your production may be affected. This is completely normal. As a viable business with overhead costs and potential revenue loss, you have enough to worry about without having to deal with a labor dispute unassisted.

Enter Echelon. We can help you navigate the tricky waters of settling a labor dispute, regardless of root cause. Echelon understands that when tensions are high and passion is involved, successful communicating between sides can be extremely difficult and a potentially hazardous terrain. Echelon has assisted businesses in dealing with innumerable labor disputes over the years and will provide you the best information and materials available, allowing you to overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacle that a labor dispute can be. These include:

  • Resources on strike safety, strike security, and post-strike assistance
  • Strike management training (including correct response to union tactics, minimizing Unfair Labor Practice charges, etc.)

A labor dispute does not have to slow or stop production. With the experience and knowledge of our partners, Echelon can have you at the table with the other side, finding common ground and resolution in no time at all. We will walk you through the steps you need to take to ensure that you don't overstep any legal boundaries, and provide you the information you need to successfully meet in the middle without excessively conceding to union demands. We understand your profitability and continuity of production are what you hold most important, and we will work with you to have the labor dispute resolved as soon as possible.

Send us a message and see how Echelon can help you navigate to a successful labor dispute resolution.