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Communication Strategy

Echelon specializes in fostering effective communication strategy so that your company can see continued profitability in the event that there is a potential operations disruption. It's true that no business owner ever wants to run into a situation where an industry dispute arises. However, sometimes unions and union workers can threaten to strike, which can directly undermine the successful continuity of your production. If and when this happens, blood often boils and tempers flare, because everyone's livelihoods are at stake. The important thing to remember if this situation ever arises is that more often than not, these instances occur due to poor communication between the parties involved, and can usually be resolved by a constructive discussion.

This is where Echelon can help you. Effective communication strategy is sometimes a difficult endeavor when passions and tensions are high between the parties involved. As a third party who is well-versed in operations disputes and the types of negotiations required for successful resolution, Echelon can provide you the materials you need to communicate successfully and accomplish resolution, once again creating and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with your workers and union.

Communication strategy is important because worker strife can happen for any number of reasons, but the important thing to note is that this usually does not occur when workers are satisfied with their current conditions. The top four reasons why a dispute occurs are due to wages, benefits, working conditions, and job security. While at the table on these issues it is important to be respectful and attempt to understand the root cause of the issue as well as the perspectives behind them. Echelon Staffing Solutions is able to prepare, and tailor to your needs, the following materials to help you communicate and proceed in the most appropriate manner:

  1. Checklists and/or playbooks
  2. National Labor Relations Act Resources
  3. Labor Process documentation
  4. Strike security information
  5. Links, Pamphlets, and other Resources

An important communication strategy to remember during these times to not give conflicting messages about what you can and cannot do, as well as trying to be as fair as possible without conceding more than you are able.

Echelon understands that this can be a difficult time for your business, and will draw upon its experiences in resolving these types of issues, to help you formulate a successful communication strategy so that your business can continue to thrive. Contact Us today to see how we can help you through this time.