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Strike Contingency Plan – #1 in Strike Contingency Planning

Echelon understands that a potential strike is never outside the realm of possibility. That is why we provide comprehensive strategies on how to successfully navigate your way through the hazards and potential labor disruptions that may occur. It is never too late to put a plan in place for when and if a dispute arises.

Echelon is prepared to address your company’s unique labor needs by preparing a step-by-step plan for each level of your organization, to ensure that all operations are able to continue as normal during any period of strife.

Advance Assessment

Echelon will first conduct an analysis of your company and production standards. We then will open all channels of communication, so that we can attack any potential legal issues, and discuss the ins-and-outs of the workers we will be providing (if need be); this would include quantity, time frames, as well as other specifics


We then move onto the recruitment phase. Echelon draws from a national database of skilled, qualified workers from a wide range of industries. This phase of the planning will include details on how we plan to have the workers trained and oriented to your specific line of work, so that they will hit the ground running on day one of our contract.

Deployment/ Contingency Period

Echelon closely monitors its own workforce during the contingency period to ensure that they are held to the highest performance standards while continuing and surpassing your production and efficiency needs.


We will enact our pre-planned strategy of phasing out our workforce to make the transition back to normal operations as smooth as possible. We will also openly evaluate not only the performance of the workforce, but the extent to which our relationship with you has hopefully mutually benefitted all parties involved.

Echelon is dedicated to making sure that you are able to have the correct strategy in place for your specific labor needs, to ensure that should an unfortunate situation arise where there is a labor dispute, you are well-equipped to successfully navigate it without suffering loss of production.